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Grit & Lavender is a co-working office space located in downtown Brighton, Michigan.

Our Grit is our hustle. It’s our grind every day to do our best work; and even in failure, we get back up, adjust and try again until we make our dreams come true.

Our Lavender is our connection to others. It is the love and support we receive through building relationships and really knowing a person. It is knowing that someone has your back and that they are there to support you in reaching for the things that matter most.

Grit & Lavender will include private offices, a conference room, a wellness room, a serenity room for resting or refocusing, a kitchenette, and flexible memberships ranging from day passes to monthly memberships.

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Address: 211 N. First Street, Ste. 200, Brighton, MI 48116
: (810) 498-3100